About Us

Established in 2019 but with more than seven years of experience in the real estate business, Parima Property provides its various services in investment and purchasing properties in Turkey. The impossible for us is just another word in the dictionary. We create possibilities and options for everyone looking to purchase a new home or accommodation in this great country. There’s always a special place out there for individuals and families looking to settle down in the country of green lands and high tourism. Providing a place people can call home and start a new life is our greatest pleasure. We strive to spread joy and satisfaction with real estate properties at great prices and with amazing structures.


Our specialized team will give you appropriate and professional advice to find what you are looking for. We make sure to understand your needs and requirements, then provide various real estate options and opportunities to find the right house for you. With several encounters and meetings, we’ll be easily able to find the house that matches your needs and your budget. We also hunt down great offers and deals for clients while building trust as well. By enhancing our customer relationship and building loyalty we can better understand how they feel and what best house suits their requirement. It also helps in making sure the client comes out satisfied after the entire process.


Other than having a professional customer service team, we also have a legal team specializing in sales and acquisition contracts. This helps us acquire the benefits that come with purchasing property in Turkey. Investors and customers can earn Turkish Citizenship from this purchase, which leads to even more opportunities and advantages. Not to mention, we take care of all the legal issues and home requirements so that clients don’t have to. From attaining indoor furniture to water and electricity, our services are an all-in-one package. It’s all about keeping the customer satisfied from the point they contact us to the point where they get handed the key to their house.


Parima Property works with more than 150 of the most important construction and real estate development companies in Istanbul and several other Turkish cities. We have an extensive contact list that helps with our hunt for the best property in the market. Having that much knowledge and knowable contacts also provides us with great deals on some outstanding houses and exciting locations. Therefore, when customers choose our company for home purchasing services, they’re getting top-notch quality at a great competitive price. Nevertheless, our focus throughout our dealings with customers is on having credibility, transparency, and providing the best prices and deals. This helps gain more leads and also grow as a company.


We don’t plan on stopping with just a few great properties across Turkey. We plan to strive to gain access to more houses in different locations and to make investors happy and satisfied. Parima Property is a place not just for purchasing houses, but also for new beginnings. 

Our Services

Parima Property as much as it has to offer, our services are only divided into two simple sections that will satisfy your needs:

1- Pre-sale services

This section includes us finding out what our clients require in the property they wish to acquire. We arrange meetings and come in close contact with our customers to make sure that the features and price range they are looking for can be found in Turkey. We go through several projects and contact agents to hunt down the specifications customers require. You can say that this service gives you the information and lays down all the possibilities in front of you to choose from. Clients can get an idea of what we can offer from all the property available out there in Turkey. We also make sure that clients get the best price in the market.

2- After-Sales services

Finding the property you want isn’t the hard part of this entire process. What clients really want is to have everything handled from the point they purchase the home to the point they sit down in their living room and relax. The truth is, there is a lot of documentation and regulations that need to be dealt with after deciding to purchase the property. Also, there are a lot of benefits from doing so as well. One of which is earning citizenship in Turkey for your estate purchase.


We make sure to cover all requirements after purchasing the estate. From extracting the title dead and real estate residence to preparing and submitting transactions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. We also handle opening a bank account, managing the home from renting to reselling according to the client’s requirements, and providing other necessities such as furniture, water & electricity connections, decorations, and more. Just make sure you have Parima Property as your real estate agent.

Our Vision

Parima Property strives and prospers to become one of the most successful real estate agencies in Turkey. Our vision is to provide clients and investors with amazing home choices and estate from houses, villas, apartments, land and other accommodations and properties. Becoming a leading real estate agency requires a keen eye for breathtaking estate and a warm heart for engaging with clients and obtaining what they require. In doing so, Parima Property can safely say that the local investors and clients from around the world can rely on a professional service like ours.

There’s no questioning the competitiveness of the Turkish real estate sector as more demand raises for investments here. Making sure that we maintain the bigger piece of the market is something we aspire for. Thus, we have more variety in our home options which we can target different demographics, and serve almost everyone’s needs. It’s a fact that Turkey is one of the largest countries that has a competitive real estate sector in Europe and America. It has a high purchasing power from investors with different nationalities which makes us prosper for more success. It’s only a small price to pay to spread joy and satisfaction to people wanting to purchase an estate here in Turkey.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction and building good relations are our highest priorities. Everything else from obtaining great deals on real estate investment in Turkey comes in second. There’s no greater success than knowing that our clients are happy with their purchase and satisfied with the way we do work. We make sure that people looking for a place to stay in this country are not just buying an apartment, but also a place called home. From the moment we meet with the client to the second we hand them the key, we make sure they’re happy with their purchase and with our services.

If we don’t achieve and build customer loyalty and trust, then we don’t deserve to be in this line of work. We look at our profession as providing a better life and new opportunities to our customers with the Turkish property we sell. Transparent communication and enhancing our relationship with any client is the first step to achieving the biggest milestone of all, our vision. Maintaining that head-to-head and straightforward communication is the main reason we’re a leading real estate agency in Turkey. We give investors what they want at a great price while drawing a smile on their faces.


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